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– Oldie But Goodie –

Love’s Captive

Love's Captive

Myra’s Best selling s/f romance

When Serena awakes, after a close and unpleasant encounter with some sort of stun gun, she very quickly learns that resistance is futile and escape only a yearned for dream. She, and the other Earth women Serena meets aboard ship with her, have been captured by the Moyds, interstellar merchants …. their mission, to procure fertile wives for the men of Volarn, where their race is endangered due to the wide-spread sterility of their own women…

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– New in Horror –

Better Than Candy

Better than Candy by Myra Nour

Matt was terrified of the monsters his parents told him were outside their home. But he was bored. None of his friends were allowed outside; no more baseball games or riding their bikes in the neighborhood. He sneaks into the backyard to play. It should be safe, they had a tall privacy fence.

When he is bitten by something he didn’t see, Matt runs to the basement to hide. His parents were going to be so mad he’d disobeyed them. Soon, he hears sounds from upstairs that petrify him. Non-human sounds.

Read this short story to see how Matt’s experience ends.

Better than Candy is a FREE zombie short story!

Note from author: Contains graphic violence

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Author Guest Post Pembroke Sinclair


Zombies aren't the worst thing in the world.

Seventeen-year-old Krista has already proven she can survive the zombie hordes.

After moving to North Platte with her

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