Where would you hole up during a zombie apocalypse?

I’ve thought about this a lot. Hey, not only because I’m working on a zombie novel, but it’s pretty common for fans of zombie lore to indulge in these scenarios.

COMMENTS are welcome. I’d love to not only hear what you think about this discussion, but let’s add to it. Have you thought about how you would secure your home in a zombie outbreak? SHARE 🙂

I’ll be covering 4 areas in my blog:

  1. Staying where you are; ie, in your home.
  2. Holing up on an island
  3. Escaping on a boat
  4. Making it to somewhere remote like the mountains

For this blog topic let’s talk about staying in your home.

While it’s true many folks caught in the beginnings of a zombie outbreak would have to hold up where they were at the time, including office buildings, hospitals, stores, etc., the purpose of this blog focus is staying in your home.

Christy, my daughter, and I have often talked about this topic. It’s fun. Is this place safe? If not, what could you do to make it so?

So you are in your home when the first undead person comes stumbling to your front door? What do you do? If you caught wind of what was coming, hopefully you have prepared.

Let’s get personal and take a look at my house in South Carolina, which we just sold in Dec. I’ll be saving my present home, a log cabin, for the future discussion about moving to an isolated location.


Our house was all brick, and all the windows were high, the lower sill reaching to head height. Pretty great set up, but not perfect. The biggest problem was the 2 sets of French doors off the living room. I wouldn’t want to see dozens of zombie faces and hands pressed up against the glass!

zombie hands

What to do? Christy and I decided pushing the entertainment center in front of one would work well. It was very heavy and big enough to cover the area. Moving it would be a hassle, but in those circumstances, who would be complaining.:)

The other French door could be barricaded with the china cabinet, another heavy piece of furniture. Then for extra safety, securing the furniture. That I would leave up to my handy hubby. I’m sure he would come up with something. He has lots of tools, and that is one thing you would want on hand – tools for all occasions.

Who would think you would need them to secure your house from zombies? LOL. Having lumber lying around would come in might handy too. None around? Take off inside doors and use them to say cover a window that needs securing.

But first, we may want to secure the deck outside the doors, if possible. Our thoughts were to block the only stairs with furniture. Not sure if that would work, but that was our thinking. The deck was a pretty nifty set up as well, being head height and then the railings on top. As long as you didn’t get close so zombies could grab you, they could be kept on ground level. That is…if they can’t climb.

The front door was the only other entry point. Again, furniture packed in so that the steps would not be easy to navigate. Then strips of wood nailed across the door.

So there you have my personal observation on how I would have secured my home in SC. Might not be a perfect plan, but I think it is a pretty good start. I’m sure improvisation would be the name of the game during those times.


The next blog I’ll be carrying this subject a bit further by discussing the most famous horror movie example of securing the home. Stay tuned for Night of the Living Dead – What did they do right? What would you have done differently?

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