Welcome to the Horror Blog

Hi and welcome to my new blog.

I’ll be chatting about different topics, but my focus will be on horror. I’m a huge fan and especially of zombie stories. Big fan of the The Walking Dead.

I am a multi published author. My daughter has been urging me for the last few years to write a zombie book. I didn’t want to unless I came up with a unique approach. And I did. Very excited about my story and will be sharing tidbits here.

I have one serial killer short story published in the House of Terrors anthology. Better Than Candy is a zombie short story I’ll be putting up for free soon, to give readers a taste of my writing.Demon Killer is a paranormal Indie book with horror elements.

It’s kinda funny, even though I have been a published romance author since 2001, when I read it is usually horror. Stephen King is my favorite author, with The Stand being my fav book – period. Too many to mention, but a few other favs are Dean Koontz, Jonathan Maberry, Joe McKinney and James Herbert. The Dark was an unforgettable creepy tale.

Although my stories are mainly romance, I always have fantasy, s/f, or paranormal elements at the core of the stories. NOTE: My zombie novel is not a romance. It will be straight horror.

Demon Killer by Myra Nour

My main character is stuck in a cabin in the NC mountains. The photo below is the only one I could find that gives that feel, although the cabin is surrounded by the undead.

The “zombie hands” on windows is always creepy to me. Good inspiration I guess. LOL.

zombie hands