Featured Author Robert W Brady Jr.

Featured Author in June Uncaged Book Reviews
Robert W. Brady Jr.
Semper Indomirus
Epic Fantasy



Randy Morden was tricked by the dying god, Anubis, into converting to the Death God’s religion. The first thing Anubis did was to trade him to another god, War, in a land called Fovea, where magic is real and men ride […]

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Featured Author Edward Willett

Featured Author in September Uncaged Book Reviews
Edward Willett
The Moonlit World
 Epic Fantasy



The third book in the Worldshaper portal fantasy series by an Aurora Award-winning author, in which one woman’s powers open the way to a labyrinth of new dimensions.

Fresh from their adventures in a world inspired by Jules Verne, […]

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Featured Author V.S. Holmes

Featured Author in August Uncaged Book Reviews
V.S. Holmes
Blood and Mercy
Epic Fantasy



Saving the world may have doomed them all.
Keplan reels in the wake of grief and guilt at the blood on his hands. Outside the city walls, however, winter grows fiercer and droughts longer. Alea reforged the fractured world twenty years before–so why […]

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