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“Writing a Series”

Question: I’m interested in writing a series, what should I know before I begin?

A good series is well-loved by readers. In a series you need to have characters or theme which will continue their story in books following the first in a series. For example, in my new fantasy series, Shifters’ Desire, a different couple will be showcased in each book. But the theme is the same – an alien race of shapeshifters and a time portal. In the first book I set up the series to write about “terminator” shapeshifters who jump through the time portal to kill evil shapeshifters.

In Love’s Captive, the theme is the setting – an alien world call Volarn. Each book revolves around different characters that were introduced in the first book. Christine Feehan’s vampires and their world are the themes, with each book following different vampire and human characters.

So, create your idea and in each book follow through the characters lives/adventures, or theme.

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