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“The Author Site”

Question: Do I really need an author website?

My personal opinion is -yes – with the thousands of connections on the internet, you would be losing out by not having a website. Losing would include picking up new readers, sales, and building a name for yourself on the web.

I recently became an Ellora’s Cave author. An editor at EC told me that they’d already heard good things about my first book, Love’s Captive, and they were familiar with my name. There’s only one way the editors could have known this information – through the web – specifically, the lists where readers discuss authors and favorite books.

If I didn’t have a web site, readers couldn’t as easily check out my excerpts and reviews. Many enthusiastic fans willingly attach a link to the author’s web site, so others too can experience the joy of a good read. So, yes, I think it is vital for an author to have a web site.

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