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“Plotting Before Penning”

Question: I’ve got an idea for a story but I don’t have any idea where to begin. Do I need to plot the entire book before I start writing?

This is an often discussed topic among authors. Some authors cannot write without a plan/outline, others like to write spontaneously, with Little or no idea where their story is going to take them.

Personally, I have to have at least a rough outline. I want to know where my story is headed and what happens at the end. I write a brief outline to begin with, so I know what happens at different points in the story.

When I wrote my first book, Love’s Captive, I felt I needed lots of structure. So I compiled a detailed outline of each chapter. That way, I knew the action in each chapter and could see if I needed to add more or place some into the next chapter.

My suggestion would be to try both methods and see what works best for you. Perhaps write a short story or novella using an outline, and the next story, don’t. Find out if a “free spirit” method works better or structure is more your style.

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