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“Is The Saga Over?”

Question: I am writing a book about my experiences during the Vietnam War. I’ve queried several print publishers, but none are interested, they say Vietnam sagas are dead. Do you have any suggestions? (GN)

Answer: I would query epublishers. They accept material that the big boys can’t or won’t, because there’s not enough interest (in their eyes) to make it worth their time. That doesn’t mean epubs standards are any lower, they’re not, unless it’s a less than respectable one. Ask around on writer’s list and get the names of established, respectable epulishers. You can do research on the web and come up with a long list of epubs, but I’d still ask around to get a list of top epublishers to start with.

All epublishers will have submission guidelines on their web sites. Also, be aware that many only publish fiction, so you’ll have to search for the ones who publish nonfiction.

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