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“Following Your Heart?”

Question: The first time an English teacher encouraged me to write a paper, she really became interested in my writing and helped me learn a lot. But, later when I wrote a horror story, she didn’t show any further interest. This confused me and I didn’t write any more stories for years. Did I do something wrong? (AW)

No, you didn’t. You were following your heart or interests, which was horror. The teacher was expressing her disinterest in the horror genre. I think this was inappropriate for her, but we can’t regulate how people act or think. It would have been nice if she had been able to put aside her dislike of horror and helped you write a good story, no matter the genre. There’s a saying in the writing world “write what you love”. Even if that genre or subject is not popular with certain people, or even popular with publishers at the time, your writing will be much more interesting and creative if you write what you love. And things change in the writing world, you never know which way the winds will blow next.

For example: When I started writing my Futuristic Romance, Love’s Captive, an agent responded to a query I sent her with “Change genres, Futuristics are dead”. I shrugged my shoulders and did what I wanted to do, wrote my book. By the time I finished it, did the rewrites and editing, Futuristics were “hot” once again. My advise – follow your heart and interests when it comes to writing.

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