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Question: I’ve written part of a book but I’d like to have someone look at it and tell me if it’s any good. There aren’t any local writers groups in my area so where should I go to get some help?

Do you have friends or relatives who would read it? That’s a start, although we often wonder if they are being kind when they say “it’s good.” Other sources are critque groups on the web. Getting a stranger to read your work is often easier on your feelings then getting someone we know to dit it. One large group is, although I’ve heard these critiques can be brutally honest. By doing a search on the web, I’m sure you can come up with many different groups.

You might also try starting your own small writers/critique group. I did this one time when we moved to a town of 11,000. I put up flyers in the library and an ad in the free paper. We ended up with a regular group of five ladies. It was a good experience since all of us were new or just getting started. It kept me focused on my writing, since we had to present something for critique every two weeks when we met. Good luck!

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