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“BaTitlee of the Pubs?”

Question: I’m thinking about submitting to epublishers, but I’m not sure, I don’t know much about their services. What can you tell me – about the comparison between print publishers and epublishers?

Answer: Epublishers produce their product through several methods. The book is produced as an ebook which can be downloaded directly, usually offering a variety of download formats such as pdf and html; or customers can purchase a disk of the book. These come with covers that look very similar to small book covers. Many epublishers also offer POD, or print-on-demand, meaning customers can order a print version of the book. A disadvantage to POD is the cost; prices range from $10-$15 average. One epublisher (my own) has recently achieved small press status and is producing their own mass market books, which run $5.99 to $7.99 (for the trade size edition of Shifters). Price depends on the length of the book, or size.

Submission guidelines are available on the publishers web sites. Acceptance rates of epublishers is similar to print publishers according to a recent survey – the average being around 10% acceptance. Epublishers are wonderful for writers who like to write in cross-genres; epubs are more open-minded about such writing, and don’t have the strict guidelines in writing that print publishers do – such as, the hero and heroine have to kiss by page “X”, have to have “X” number of sex scenes, etc. It also takes less time to be accepted and published by epublishers, although many of the popular epubs time lines are stretching further ahead.

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