How Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Today’s blog continues with this topic. Previous post dealt with staying secured in your home & making it to an island


I think those of us who really dig zombie lore, have thought about this topic or discuss it in earnest with our friends. Many zombie books have survivors utilizing boats to escape the mainland, perhaps to try and find a habitable island. Some use the boat as their house; a safe environment away from the diseased land.

I know when I heard that the characters in Fear The Walking Dead were going to escape to a yacht, I was excited. I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead, but all the action has been in the states. How fun to see a different way of trying to survive.

Not a boat, but a big, honking, fancy yacht!

You would be away from people & zombies on the mainland. You can fish to help with protein supplies. If you know about the sea, you can scavenge for other food sources; lobster, crab, kelp etc.

You won’t have the diseased as well as looters beating down your door or windows.

You have at least a few comfy beds, couches and a nice place to sit and rest on the outside of the boat. You can jump off and swim anytime you want; if the ocean is not too cold and there are no dangers lurking nearby.

Water. If you have a desalinization unit like Strand, you are in good shape. At least for the immediate future. But then when you need parts or repairs, this will move down to a negative in the Con area.


There will be people on other boats, and they will be envious of your fabulous ride if theirs is not as big and nice. Even if their boat is fab, they will want what you have; supplies, guns & women. Maybe men too for the same reasons – sex. And also may want slave labor, people to do the chores. Like sailors who were kidnapped for sailing ships in years gone by.

Fuel. You have it, they’ll want it. This is going to be one of the hardest items to keep your safe haven afloat and working well. Sure you can dock at a harbor or island, but will it be overrun by the dead?

Water as mentioned in Pros. Run out of it and it is one of the biggest negatives. Food, the next big item you don’t wish to run out of. Fish and kale are great, but there may be times when these aren’t available. And everyone gets tired of the same diet, plus nutritional needs demand more than these two basics.

Confined space. Riding on a yacht would be great fun, but eventually you will want room to walk around. Those with claustrophibia will feel very confined and trapped.

Trouble within. Put people in a confined space and there will be problems. Not everyone likes everyone else and even if they do, the small space will create an environment rife for arguements and fights.

Nowhere to run. If your boat gets overtaken you have nowhere to run. Yes, you can jump in the sea or escape in a small craft (Stand has a really nice one, but every boat may not), but then your chances of survival will go way down.

Well, I have to say I didn’t think I’d come up with more cons than pros on this list. Because, in spite of the issues, I always thought a boat sounded like a great way to escape the monsters on land.

Last thought…maybe one of those humongous military ships that are self-sufficient with desalinization units and energy would be the best place you could possibly ride out the apocalypse!

Thinking of the one Brad Pitt got on in World War Z. Pretty sweet ride. Course their supplies would eventually go down, but if the ship was not filled with people, it would last quite a while. You would need enough people to protect it from marauders.


I know I haven’t covered every issue that would arise and welcome contributions through comments.