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– House of Terrors –

Welcome to the House of Terrors! Monsters, torturers and serial killers abound in this collection of horror stories not for the faint of heart, written by both established and up and coming new authors. In the darkness within us all resides a demon no one can destroy, one that feeds on carnage and mayhem. Though you may try to deny this, you know it’s true. Human beings are no more than animals, filled with selfishness, greed and evil intentions. Will you face your true self or continue hiding in the shadows? If unsure, then delve into these pages of terror and unlock your innermost fears.

featuring “Be Mine Forever”

John leads a boring, humdrum life. He wishes for a change; anything to add interest to his existence. When an attractive woman at the local bar wants to go home with him, John can’t believe his luck. She is a fabulous lover and he desperately hopes things will continue to evolve between.

But Miranda holds dark secrets, one a deadly hatchet hidden in her purse. John’s life diverts in a way he couldn’t have dreamed of…and couldn’t possibly want.

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House of Terror Anthology featuring Myra Nour

HOuse of Terror Anthology

Featuring Myra Nour

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– “Be Mine Forever” from House of Terrors –

Written by Myra under M. L. Traxler

A woman entered the bar, swishing past him and taking the stool two down from him. Her perfume invaded his senses even after she passed, drifting along behind her, as a strong wind pulls leaves along in its wake. He and practically every male in the place eyed her speculatively. She was not a young woman, but still attractive in an overblown fashion.

Her lipstick was a bright pink shade, lighting up her lower face. The woman’s skirt was tight and short, showing off a pair of meaty but still shapely legs. Her breasts were large, the
kind that drew men’s eyes involuntarily. John didn’t mind the slight bulge of flesh that pushed against her form-fitting sweater above the waistband.

She laughed gaily at a flirtatious remark made by the bartender, riveting the eyes and ears of every man. She drew them in with the lively sound of her banter and throaty laugh. Cocking her head slightly, she suddenly stared boldly at him, seeming to assess John from head to toe. With the grace of a jungle cat, sleek and confident, she stood up and slid onto the
stool next to him.

A slamming door nearby drew her attention back to the present and the jar in front of her. Miranda squealed, staring in disgust at the goldfish, which was pecking at John’s flesh. She tapped the glass, trying to dislodge the goldfish. He ignored her.

Glancing around, she spotted the fish net laying in back of the jar. Then picking up John’s discarded shirt on the couch, she used it to grip the net’s handle. No use leaving fingerprints behind. Scooping up the obese, hungry goldfish, she flipped the net over, dumping the nasty thing onto the floor. It flopped and gulped. She almost giggled. John had gulped like
that just before she struck his head off.

She knelt in front of the goldfish jar, gazing at John’s features intently. She loved the way he still smiled at her, even though his large eyes held a glint of fear. She shrugged. It didn’t hurt for a man to fear his woman a little bit.

Miranda loved the way his adorable hair stuck up above the water, looking like a tiny island with thin trees straggling upward. His cute little nose was pressed against the glass and she knew he longed to touch her again.

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– Reviews for House of Terrors –

5 Stars! This is a very mind-blowing, engaging short story that sucks you in and twists around enough to keep you gasping.

John is a very introverted man and lives a life of solitude with his prize pet goldfish, Charlie. He was plain, ordinary and never even had a girlfriend. One night, after work, John decides to go to the local bar for a beer, and a flamboyant woman sits next to him and starts a conversation. One thing leads to another, and the next thing that happens is John brings the woman home with him, not believing his luck in finding her.

Although I guessed something was going to happen, I never really guessed all that happened. In a very short amount of time and space, the author gives you character depth that is not often seen in short stories. I’m betting as I read the last 2 pages, my eyes were as wide as saucers. Short stories don’t get much better than this. – Uncaged Book Reviews

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