Featured Author in March Uncaged Book Reviews

VK Tritschler

Trade secrets

Romantic comedy



♥ What happens when your dream job turns out to be a hot

Emily earned a spot in a top Adelaide advertising
agency and was excited to be starting her professional career. But on
her very first day she gets coffee spilled on her by Meg, her new and
complicated co-worker; runs into Jimmy, her wildly inappropriate boss;
and gets stuck in an elevator with Harry, who is the hottest guy in the
industry and her company’s biggest competitor.

When Jimmy enlists
Emily to spy on Harry and his company, things become more

But Emily finds that her life isn’t as perfect as
she’d dreamed. Now, she has to choose between handsome Harry, who may
not be all he seems, and bawdy Jimmy, who is exactly what she fears.
Secrets and hidden agendas rip apart Emily’s dreams. Will she pick
the devil she knows or the one she doesn’t?