Featured Author in Sept/Oct Uncaged Book Reviews

Victor  M. Alvarez

The Theseus Conspiracy:

A CID Agent Jacqueline Sinclair Novel




The writing packs all the punches of a Tom Clancy-esque coldwar nail-biter with a modern edge.” –Hollywood Book Reviews

CID Special Agent Jacqueline Sinclair, the Army’s famed counterterrorism agent, returns in this chilling and exhilarating sequel to Requiem for the Dead.

A ruthless scheme hatched by one madman threatens to plunge humanity into World War III!

With the theft of seven Russian nuclear suitcase bombs, rogue CIA double agent Matthew Banks code-name Theseus… with the execution of his wife and child at the hands of Russian FSB agents, and the CIA’s treachery, plans his vengeance on Russia and the U.S.

In Germany, the U.S. Intelligence apparatus inadvertently intercepted Banks’ nefarious scheme in a secure message from the Russians. Efforts in tracking Banks have been futile. While the American agents desperately search for answers, the terrorist sets his plan in motion. Sinclair must make the ultimate sacrifice for her country; can she stop Banks before the bombs go off?