Featured Author in May Uncaged Book Reviews

Kate Rigby

The Colour of Wednesday

Contemporary/LGBTQ,  Fiction



The Colour Of Wednesday takes its name from the last sentence of Down The Tubes and continues Michael’s story two decades on from that novel. A family death propels him back into chaos and self-destruction. There are more relationship and family strains as his past comes back to haunt him and new revelations come to light. With the help of a new friend, Michael hopes to get his life back on track again but can he finally beat the demons of addiction and change old patterns? Death proves to be a catalyst for change, often in expected ways, as Michael battles to overcome past hurts and relationships and embrace the new. But the new comes with its own problems.The Colour Of Wednesday explores the dark interior world of grief and past pain, while looking toward a redemptive world of hope and self-discovery.Trigger warning: Contains scenes of drug use and suicide.