Featured Author in March Uncaged Book Reviews

John Mollard & Roy C. Booth


Crime/Noir Suspense


Hollywood, California, August 2005.The double murder of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and his fiancee leaves LAPD homicide detectives baffled. Assigned to assist in the investigation, FBI Special Agent Haley Murch has a theory— were the slayings a copycat of the 1969 Manson murders or were they the work of somebody else altogether, someone elusive? For the past six years, she had researched the exploits of a notorious serial killer the media had come to call “The Hollywood Walk of Fame Killer” – a killer whose calling card matched those left behind at the crime scene.To solve this mystery, it will take the LAPD’s lead homicide detective’s obsessive knowledge of Hollywood film history, his team’s elite investigative skills, and Agent Murch’s masterful profiling ability to thwart this serial killer.