Featured Author in October Uncaged Book Reviews

Dwayne Clayden

Speargrass Opioid

Crime Thriller


The new tribal sheriff of Speargrass, Montana, is ex-rodeo champion Franklyn Eaglechild, a man plagued with injuries from the past. His damaged health leaves him with a dim future of lost dreams. While coping with his personal defeats, Franklyn quickly discovers not everyone in Speargrass is thrilled to have a new sheriff in town looking into their business.Franklyn soon makes enemies in high places. Friends are scarce but lucky for Franklyn, he has at least one friend he can rely on—his adopted brother and DEA Special Agent, Riley Briggs in Great Falls.As an opioid crisis spirals out of control around Great Falls and Speargrass, Franklyn and Riley realize they need to join forces if there is any hope of putting an end to the destruction.