Featured Author in Sept/Oct Uncaged Book Reviews

David L. McDaniel

Fyaa’s Bane:

War for the Quarterstar Shards: Book Three




Alaezdar has been wounded and is suffering from the effects of Goblin-Touched Steel. His body’s transformation and death has been slowed, but he suffers. He must seek out his father’s council for answers to his role within the prophecy.

Meanwhile, Kunther and Aaelie find themselves without a home and family after the ransacking of Valewood by Trielian Warriors. They end up on separate journeys facing perilous danger as they struggle to find their paths.

Fyaa, with information given to her by Ra-Corsh, begins anew her search for her Birds of Fire. She also seeks out Crimson, her long lost lover, in order to restore their place in the cycle. She sets her gaze on Alaezdar as she seeks to bring the prophecy full circle.

Alaezdar’s only hope is to follow Fyaa in hopes of recovering memories long lost. The Center Stone, and therefore, the Triestones, have resurfaced. The full reality of the prophecies becoming all too real for the denizens of Wrae-Kronn.