Featured Author in March Uncaged Book Reviews

Aliza Ross

Asymmetrical Woman

Contemporary romance


This sexually charged novel follows the desires and intellectual ennui of a woman in a disintegrating marriage. Having relinquished her career as a high-powered attorney to have children, Alix finds herself awash in sleeping pills and fantasy on the Upper West Side as she tries to reignite her lustless marriage to her wealthy husband. When childhood boyfriend Evan contacts Alix to help investigate the car accident that killed his sister, Alix uncovers information that would have dire consequences.

Overwhelmed with temptation to begin an affair with Evan and conflicted by the information she is withholding, Alix develops Bell’s Palsy, paralyzing her face and plans. In self-exile, consumed by her condition, Alix must find creative, even comic, solutions to her sexual frustrations and reexamine her marriage, ambitions, and true self. Asymmetrical Woman explores the inherent contradictions and dilemmas of contemporary women- the disappointments, compromises and anguish of marriage, motherhood and work.