Featured Author in June Uncaged Book Reviews

Robert W. Brady Jr.

Semper Indomirus

Epic Fantasy



Randy Morden was tricked by the dying god, Anubis, into converting to the Death God’s religion. The first thing Anubis did was to trade him to another god, War, in a land called Fovea, where magic is real and men ride horses into war, and justice is often at the point of a sword.The god War instructed him, “Lead a successful life,” and Randy made of himself a Duke, in the nation of Eldador, and he turned Eldador into the economic powerhouse of the known world. But that wasn’t enough.So Randy made himself a King, and Eldador into an Empire, and that empire into the juggernaut that ruled land and sea – but that wasn’t enough. Not for the hungry god, War.Other gods brought other champions to Fovea from Earth – an older man, a young girl, and they, too, became powerful. A prophesy was sung, telling of an impending war, of a fight to late to win, of weapons against the One.We took an Intermission, and we learned of the Randy’s children, how powerful they’d become, of the adventures they had.Now, in the final story, we learn it all. Who is this mysterious Druid and what is his secret? What is the power of Latin here?Most importantly, what is Randy’s ‘success,’ and what is its terrible price?Set yourself aside a block of time, because you’re not going to want to put down Semper Indomitus, and you’ll NEVER believe how this adventure ends!