Book Chat: Zombie Road V

Terror on the Two-Lane

by David Simpson

Jessie & Scarlett are a dynamic duo as they fight zombies, the religious cult Anubis and Casey’s raiders.

MYRA’S HORROR BLOG REVIEWS : I wanted to write reviews as if I were sharing the love of a book with a friend. What I liked about it, from storyline to characters; to include any parts that had a negative impact on me as a reader. Join me on the couch as we explore today’s exciting read.





It’s getting more dangerous in the zombie filled world.

The budding relationship between The Disfigured Road Angel and the girl who was sent to kill him continues to develop. They are both damaged, young and bear a heavy burden for their age. Both have powers beyond human capacity. Both are the children and heirs to their fathers legacy and empires and they should be mortal enemies, not kinda sorta like each other…


Jessie & Scarlett are getting closer and closer as they recover from deadly wounds. After they are up and about, they run across men from Scarlett’s Anubis religion. Jessie becomes suspicious of his companion. Will she turn on him and join them? After a disagreement, he realizes he does indeed trust Scarlett.

Somewhere along their trek, Jessie & Scarlett fall in love. They know the super soldier shot they received had DNA of some animals who mate for life; that’s how they feel, as one and never wanting to part. Their journey was fascinating. They did things that many people wished they could do, but couldn’t due to circumstances or money. They slept in mansions and stopped at every point of interest along the roads that Scarlett wanted to see.

Meanwhile, Gunny and his crew barely keep ahead of the raiders, but finally make it to Lakota. Gunny quickly comes up with a new plan to get Casey. He and Griz will infiltrate the raiders’ ranks, spy out their operations, and if given a chance, kill Casey. The outfits they dress themselves in are as gross as the real raiders, with such objects as zombie finger necklaces. Even their car is tricked out, complete with a fresh zombie strapped to the hood. (It reminded me of the spaceship in Serenity, all decked out in red paint and bones, when they slipped in among the Reavers.)

The most interesting story in the book for me was when the two teens ran across children who were friends with animals, those they’d fed and set free from a safari park. The menagerie included a panther, bear, wolves and foxes. The children walked with their beasts, clearly the animals were protecting the little ones. While this part of the story was fantasy sounding, I’m willing to suspend my belief because it was really cool.

Later, while scavenging, Scarlett is bitten by a zombie. Jessie didn’t realize they were immune and was ready to die with her – he was going to let her bite him after she turned. Very dramatic teenage thinking, but he may have gone through with it due to their “more than human” joining. Once he knew the truth, Jessie’s relief was immense. Still, Scarlett’s wound looked nasty and he wanted a doctor to check it out. An old friend they ran across on their trip suggested he take Scarlett to the Tower doctors; the best left in the U.S.

Another action-packed book in the series, filled with surprises, love and angst. Highly recommended for zombie fans and those following David Simpson.





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