Book Chat: Zombie Road III

by David A. Simpson

The action continues in the 3rd book of the exciting Zombie Road series.

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The third book of the Zombie Road tale. It’s been a month since the outbreak and the survivors of the zombie apocalypse have started a new life in a walled city. There are still a few enemies that need to be dealt with, the kind that can think and plan, and they can be more devastating than a horde of the undead.


Gunny & his team head the train toward Atlanta, hoping to pick up survivors. They squash thousands of zombies by reversing the train. In the meantime, Gunny’s son, Jessie, returns home and tricks out his dad’s old Mercury. He runs across a preteen, Jimmy, who takes him to an orphanage with survivors. Jessie leads the horde away, tells them how to survive encounters with the undead and to head to Lakota.

Casey, the low-life criminal we met in the last book, set himself up as the leader of prisoners he released from a state penitentiary. Using gusto and calling himself Casey the Cannibal, he fools them into thinking he is a bad-ass. Next, they liberate female prisoners and plan on taking over Lakota.

We learn the self-proclaimed new Madame President, who served an important position in the White House before everything fell, is in cahoots with Muslims, who are set on their Caliphate. The Jihadists used the zombie virus to kick things off, but something went wrong and it got out of hand. Still, the “President” is confident she can bring order to the remaining survivors and she will be the new leader for them to follow. It’s easy to figure out which power-hungry lady the author referred to in the story.

The Muslims attack and take over the train, in spite of the valiant efforts of Gunny and his friends. At the end, the Muslims and Casey’s group bear down on Lakota. It looks pretty hopeless. But Gunny gets the slip on Casey and convinces him to join forces against the Jihadi troops. After all, 10,000 undead are headed toward the compound and the only way anyone will survive is to fight together to overcome the extremists. The fighting is intense, but our heroes from Lakota defeat the enemy. Slippery Casey does damage to the groups escape plan, which seems irreversible. But Gunny takes on the undead in a last ditch heroic act that appears he won’t escape from alive, and he saves the community. With fortuitous timing, Jessie plows into the remaining zombies and saves his dad.

This is not a politically correct treatise on an apocalypse – I wouldn’t expect one to be PC. I agree wholeheartedly with the author that the Madame President depicted in the story would do anything to stay in power. I fully expected her to be eaten by zombies as a satisfying retribution for her many heartless acts, but I approved of the ending Simpson chose for her. Such a beast in human form should suffer after the thoughtless way she treated fellow Americans, like mere chess pieces in order for her to win the “Queendom.”

Another action-packed, adrenaline driven story that was a fun ride.





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