Book Chat: Zombie Road II:

Bloodbath on the Blacktop

by David A. Simpson

The 2nd thrilling ride in the zombie series that will have your cheering for truck drivers turned road warriors.

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The people that tried to kill the world almost succeeded. They were fiendishly clever but they didn’t take into account the vets, the truckers and the two-fisted fighters who didn’t know how to give up.

Gunny and his band of survivors continue their journey along the Zombie Road, saving as many as they can along the way. They power through the undead hordes with their modified semi-trucks to beat the ticking clock of nuclear meltdowns.

Lacy fights her way out of the high-rise office building and the kids who had managed to escape the high school and make it home face a new enemy. Boredom.
New evil raises its ugly head and new heroes are born as they all battle to make it to a place of safety.
Get ready for a Bloodbath on the Blacktop.


Gunny & his crew of truck drivers outfit their 18 wheelers to take on the zombie hordes. Their mission is to rescue as many survivors as they can, including Gunny’s family, plus figure out how to keep the Muslims from taking over America. First, the Jihadists released the virus, wiping out most Americans. Now they are going to nuclear plants, taking out the rods so the U.S. won’t become a nuclear wasteland.

Meanwhile, Gunny’s son Jessie and his friends are doing well at the family lake house.  But when they get bored, poor decisions are made to go look for entertainment.  The teenagers get trapped in a strip mall and Jessie escapes to the roof, but it appears his friends have died.

Gunny’s wife Lacy is done with being stuck in her office building in Atlanta. She manages a daring escape with a fellow employee and they go to the lake house. She can tell the kids left, but why? They go hunting for the teens.

Gunny is in nightly communication with the General, one of the high ranking officials left in the government. He informs Gunny that the world powers know the score. The plan is to allow the Muslims to power down the nuclear plants, then all functioning nations that remain, including China and Russia, will blow the Middle East back to the Stone Age.

The “Road Warriors” fight multitudes of the undead on their way to Lakota, the place they chose that is one of the safe zones if nuclear fallout occurs. Once entering the town, they find it in mayhem. They discover what is left of the townspeople are secure in a fallout shelter, but are also trapped by zombies. A big fight ensues to take back the town.

Lakota had a lake on one side, securing it from the dead, but was open on other sides. There are train tracks and if they can find a train with cargo containers, they can be placed strategically around the town, creating a high fence. Other community members head to a nearby Ammo Plant to gather much needed weapons. In town, Gunny has his first encounter with the scum-bag criminal Casey. After getting the town secured, Gunny is going to take the train to Atlanta and find his family.

The action continues in the series; with heroes, villains, Muslim extremists, and hordes of the undead. Highly recommended for zombie and David A. Simpson fans.





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