Book Chat: Zombie Fallout, Book 7

by Mark Tufo

Adrenaline fueled adventures continue with Mike and the Talbots.

MYRA’S HORROR BLOG REVIEWS : I wanted to write reviews as if I were sharing the love of a book with a friend. What I liked about it, from storyline to characters; to include any parts that had a negative impact on me as a reader. Join me on the couch as we explore today’s exciting read.






Mike is back The battle with Eliza is past. Now Mike must strike out once again in a desperate race against time as his son and best friend are succumbing to the zombie virus within them. What he does not know is that an old foe has risen up and a more insidious threat has emerged to not just the Talbots but all of humanity.



We catch up with Mrs. Deneaux, who is still driving the big rig. She picks up a hitchhiker, Dennis, who happens to be friends with the Talbots. When the old woman finds out his connection, she thinks of ditching him, but Dennis has his uses; sucking diesel from vehicles for the truck.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and her husband, John the Tripper, are told to leave by the leader of their community. He considers John useless baggage. They take off in a school bus and John’s haphazard driving makes Stephanie question her agreeing to leave her friends so readily. Especially after they are pursued by a gang of bikers and John’s driving becomes manic.

At the same time, Mike, family and friends are fighting their way across country, on their quest to find Doc. Tricking out a dump truck the group have a secure place for the journey. A school bus abruptly appears, careening toward them, bikers in pursuit. Mike can hardly believe his eyes when he sees Tripp driving. They take on the thugs and killed enough bikers for the others to finally leave.

As usual, Mike has an adrenaline fueled adventure; taking out a huge hive they run across. While successful, being nearly killed is a given. But Talbot had not counted on his group being trapped inside the truck by a horde- the zombies they had not managed to kill. Even with his and Tommy’s super human strength, they are going to be overwhelmed. When their bullets run out, they all start stabbing the undead from their protected truck. But then the zombies figure out that the top can be pried open and Mike knows they do not have much time.

Concurrently, a military patrol has been watching the action and decide to jump in and help. Their gun power is not enough and the soldiers call in air support via a helicopter. Everyone is brought aboard the copter by bucket, and Mike is given a shot, passing out. When he wakes up in jail, he is surprised to see Dennis in the next cell. His friend fills him in on the military group that helped and then captured them. Deneaux is in cahoots with the military, so Talbot knows it can’t be good. Mike is happy to find Doc at the facility and he has created a formula that will keep BT from turning into a zombie for a while. But Doc is on a mission – to destroy Tommy – since he murdered the doctor’s whole family. Amid all the turmoil, Talbot is in mind communication with Tommy, who knows their situation and tells Mike he is on the way to get them out. This feels like a cliff hanger, like the old radio shows; stay tuned. Can’t wait.

The author’s unique sense of humor pervades the story. I get quite a few chuckles, but when it descends into juvenile territory, referencing Henry’s stinky farts, I have to roll my eyes. As with each book in the series, a thoroughly enjoyable read, filled with lots of fighting zombies and not so nice humans. The series is highly recommended for zombie fans.





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