Book Chat: Zombie Fallout 6:

‘Til Death Do Us Part

by Mark Tufo

The 6th installment in this exciting zombie apocalypse series. Mike is trying to make it back home and finds all kinds of obstacles in his path.

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BT, Gary and Mrs. Deneaux race to the Talbot compound in a desperate bid to turn the tides of a lost war. Is Michael dead? Is the question plaguing the Talbots as they prepare for the final showdown with a merciless enemy hell bent on their absolute destruction.


At the end of Book 5, Mike is surrounded by zombies and on fire. Gary and BT think he is dead, so they depart for Maine in deep sorrow. Book 6 opens with Mike still alive – barely.  He stumbles toward the nearest house, his melted flesh sloughing off at each step. Miraculously, the door is unlocked.

Inside, he discovers a world of strangeness. The interior is covered in tin foil and the man standing over him wears a tin hat.  The home owner, John, has been a drug addict for years and his distorted verbal ramblings confuse Mike. In spite of his constant toking of Mary Jane, John manages to help Mike. He places a tin hat on our hero and Mike is shocked that there is silence; his mind is shielded from Eliza. Mike is shocked further when he looks down, seeing that his body is almost healed – courtesy of the vampire blood in his system.

Mike is determined to help John find his wife in Philly before making his way home. John’s assistance includes pulling Mike through an agonizingly small tunnel, situated under a cabin, when they seek shelter on the journey. The tunnel is the only way to escape the zombies surrounding them. Happily, Mike does reunite John with his wife, even though he often wondered if his love was a figment of John’s drug induced daily life.

On his way back home, Mike runs across a gathering of truckers, and he knows they are on their way to attack his family. Intent on slipping into the throng of truckers, Mike picks a truck to enter that is a godsend.  It is filled with weapons and ammunition. He also discovers a beautiful young woman handcuffed in the sleep area. Her name is Azile; strangely Eliza spelled backward. She is a self-proclaimed witch and has a history with the vampire queen. Her life mission is to kill Eliza.

Mike makes it back home and it is all-out war as the Talbot’s try to survive zombies, human mercenaries, and huge supped up zombies. Eliza is finally killed and Thomas seems to come “back to himself” a bit. The last chapter gives the story of Eliza’s life from a young age to being turned in a vampire. It is truly sad. We also discover why she hates Mike and the Talbot’s so deeply.

Another exciting book in the series. Recommended for zombie lovers and those following Mark Tufo’s work.




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