Book Chat: Zombie Fallout 4

The Talbot clan take to the road and continue the fight against Eliza.

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She is coming for you….


Mike and some of his family members set out to find Tommy, who had left at the end of Book 3 to reunite with Eliza. The Talbot clan run across survivors, including several kids. Looking for supplies, they discover a new, strange zombie threat. A huge, tangled pile of the undead made them think someone had stacked them after killing them. But then the creatures started moving, suggesting a type of hibernation when stimulation is not nearby.

Meanwhile, different family, ie Tracy and friend BT decide to take off after Mike when left behind. They are in different vehicles and run into separate troubles along the way. This was a road trip of action as each expedition is followed in the story. Fortune is smiling on the whole group, because they meet up when things hit the fan. Eliza has found Mike and as usual intent on destroying him and any loved ones around him. She, as expected, sends hordes of zombies against them.

Eliza picks a champion to fight Mike; his old nemesis Durgan. Eliza has already half-turned him into a vamp, and with Durgan’s increased strength plus speed, Mike doesn’t stand a chance. Thomas suggests Talbot let him turn Mike into a half vamp as well.

Although the vampire virus took long minutes to work on him, the fight is brutal. Mike was tough even when human. He kills Durgan and Eliza slips away. Note: The Blood Stone is introduced and it will be fascinating to see how it’s used in the plot line.

There were a few minor points that although not negatives, were not positives to me, but did not detract from the review score. It became tiresome when the rescued girl, Angel, kept calling Tracy “pretty lady”.The road trip story line was not as interesting as Tufo’s other books in the series.






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