Book Chat: Zombie Fallout 2

The 2nd in the series, and just as exciting as the 1st!






The Talbots are evacuating their home amidst a zombie apocalypse. Mankind is on the edge of extinction as a new dominant, mindless opponent scours the landscape in search of food, which just so happens to be noninfected humans. This book follows the journey of Michael Talbot; his wife Tracy; and their three kids, Nicole, Justin, and Travis. Accompanying them are Brendon, Nicole’s fiancé and former Wal-Mart door greeter, and Tommy, who may be more than he seems. Together they struggle against a ruthless, relentless enemy that has singled them out above all others. 

The Talbots have escaped Little Turtle, but to what end? For, on the run, they find themselves encountering a far vaster evil than the one that has already beset them. As they travel across the war-torn countryside they soon learn that there are more than just zombies to be fearful of: With law and order a long-distant memory, some humans have decided to take any and all matters into their own hands. Can the Talbots come through unscathed, or will they suffer the fate of so many countless millions before them? 

It’s not just brains versus brain-eaters anymore. And the stakes may be higher than merely life and death, with eternal souls on the line.


We pick up with Mike Talbot and his family riding with Alex, who rescued them at the end of book one, via a big rig. Taking shelter in a Sheriff’s office along their route, the survivors are surrounded and almost wiped out by a horde of zombies. Mike’s thinking outside the box saves them.

But he realizes Eliza, the leader of the undead, is still intent on killing them. He knew she had to direct the horde, because they were too coordinated in their attacks. Mike is deeply troubled by his son Justin’s connection to Eliza. His humanity seems to be slipping away more each day; courtesy of being scratched by a zombie.

The group has more fights and near escapes as they make their way to Tracy’s mom. When they finally arrive at Carol’s house, they are shocked to find she is still alive. Carol is a tough older woman who has worked hard all her life on the farm; she won’t go down easily. The front of her farmhouse is piled in places with Carol’s undead kills, and she devised a clever method to alert her to their presence.

Talbot hopes they can stay at the farm. It is a welcome haven, with food, shelter, running water and even electricity (a generator is invaluable in an apocalypse). But then in one of his moments of being old Justin, his son shares the zombies are on their way. Mike comes up with a brilliant plan, but one that leaves them little chance of survival. He, BT and Jen (insistent volunteers), stay in the house to execute Talbot’s plan. Though their defense goes well enough, and many undead are slaughtered, there thousands left surrounding them. As they make a last stand, rescue comes from an unexpected source.

As great a read as the 1st in the series. I could have done with less scenes of Mike and Henry his dog farting. If you love humor mixed with horror as I do, don’t miss this series.




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