Book Chat:  Wish Upon a Music Box

by Kerry Alan Denney

We’ve all heard “don’t make a deal with the devil”. In this horror short story, that adage is true as well, but then maybe it is not such a bad deal in the end.

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Wish Upon a Music Box is one of the thirteen short stories in this collection.

Some deals should never be struck and some dealers should never be trusted. When faced with your heart’s desire, will you ignore that tingle in your spine or the hair rising on the backs of your arms? The offer- It’s too good to be true and you can feel it. The dealer smiles with a devilish gleam in his eyes. Holding out his tantalizing wares, his eagerness adds weight to the very air around you. It’s not a lot of money at all, sometimes it’s even free, he says and yet you know that this is the costliest item you will ever own.

Inside these pages you will find thirteen tales of horror, of deals that should never have been made and the horrible costs of those deadly bargains!


Damon is deeply depressed. His beloved wife, CeCe, is paralyzed from the waist down, and it’s his fault. Celebrating her great success premiering as a ballerina, he wasn’t paying close enough attention driving home, getting into an accident that caused his wife’s debilitating injuries.

Wandering the streets this particular day, he spots an antique store and feels drawn in for some unexplainable reason. Damon sees a music box and is enchanted when he opens it. A tiny ballerina dances inside and Damon knows his wife will love it. But when the bedraggled shop owner appears suddenly and tells him it is $1,300, he knows there is no way he can afford it.  They are barely making ends meet and he just lost his job. The shop owner convinces Damon to take the box, assuring him they’ll work something out.

When CeCe opens the box, she is enthralled and happy for the first time since the accident. Clearly, it is more than a music box; it is magical. Since this is a short story, I don’t want to give too much away. The gift has an amazing effect on CeCe, but after several days under its influence, Damon can see it will end up killing his wife.

The distraught husband cannot get the shop keepers words out of his mind, “Play it as often as you wish, but at twilight of the next full moon, wind it up with your own hands three times. On that evening’s third playing, make your wish.” For some reason Damon believes in those fatal words and makes his wish.

I had guessed Damon’s wish, but it still made a nice ending for this reader. While Damon makes a deal with the devil, at the core this is a haunting love story; a tale of guilt, desire for redemption, and loving sacrifice.





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