Book Chat: Warm Dark Places are Best

A creepy little tale!






Carl and Jessica are emotionally stretched thin, down on their financial luck and stuck moving into a really nasty apartment complex after Jessica gets laid off and Carl is already on a fixed disability payment. From day one they see lots of roaches in the hallways but nothing in their own apartment. Hoping their luck will hold, they have no idea just what kind of hell is coming their way or what hideous secrets their apartment, in particular, holds. Buckle up. Carl and Jessica are in for a nasty ride and so are you.


I liked Jessica and Carl. They are a loving couple who have fallen on hard times. The description of the neighborhood and apartment building made me think, “I wouldn’t want to live there”.

The couple notice roaches running everywhere as they move their boxes in, but none in their apartment. The young lovers considered this their first bit of good luck in a while, but wondered why? I did too.

It didn’t take long for a different kind of insect to make its appearance in their life, making it hell and extremely disgusting. Things got so bad I began to wonder if Carl and Jessica would make it out alive. I’m glad they did survive. The manner in which Carl decided to punish the land lord for ignoring their plight and not sending an exterminator was chilling.

A good story for a quick read and if you don’t have a bug phobia.





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