Author Guest Post: Myra Nour

Undead Tales

My two zombie short stories now for sale.



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Better Than Candy

Matt was terrified of the monsters his parents told him were outside their home. But he was bored. None of his friends were allowed outside; no more baseball games or riding their bikes in the neighborhood. He sneaks into the backyard to play. It should be safe, they had a tall privacy fence.

When he is bitten by something he didn’t see, Matt runs to the basement to hide. His parents were going to be so mad he’d disobeyed them. Soon, he hears sounds from upstairs that petrify him. Non-human sounds.

Joe’s Choice

Waking from unconsciousness after being mugged, Joe staggers out of the alley toward the street. He finds chaos as he enters a zombie outbreak in progress. Scenes of gruesome horror make him want to run away, but Joe must quickly decide how he wants to handle a zombie apocalypse.

Note from author: Book contains graphic violence

– Excerpt from Better Than Candy –

Matt hunched in the dark, shivering in fear. The dampness of the small space crept across his skin, chilling him even more. The faint odor of mold and mouse droppings tickled his senses. Twitching his nose, Matt felt the sneeze building, but then it simply vanished.

Surprised, he rubbed his nose. He’d never been able to stop a sneeze before. His hand stilled as a loud thump came from overhead. Up there. In the house.

When another shiver rippled through him, Matt clasped his arms tight around his body. For a moment he’d forgotten he was hiding under the stairs in the basement.


He jumped, as if whatever, or whoever was above, could hear him flinch. Matt placed one hand over his heart. It felt like it was trying to jump out of his chest. Fear, that’s all it was, just like when he awoke from a bad nightmare, his heart racing like a scared rabbit. Taking a deep breath, he calmed down.

Then straining forward, Matt listened carefully. The drip of water from a pipe nearby was annoying, cutting through his concentration. From upstairs, muffled sounds filtered down into the basement. He dared to scoot closer to the opening, craning his neck out from under the stairs. Now he could hear the funny chattering noises above him.

– Excerpt from Joe’s Choice –

His eyes went back to the woman. Her skin was a washed-out white, even paler than he had looked in the mirror. Her chin was covered in blood, which had dribbled down onto the bright yellow sundress. One strap hung down, revealing her breast. Joe’s stomach clenched.

Half of her flesh had been torn out, including where the nipple would have been, leaving a ghastly, bloody wound. His shocked eyes crawled over her form, stopping on the left arm, or what was left of it. Jagged flesh hung below her elbow and no blood flowed, or even dripped from the raw wound. Surely a participant in a zombie walk didn’t have the skills to replicate such deadly injuries?




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