Book Chat: Tomorrow War

by J. L. Bourne

An apocalyptic story, and once the world order began to crumble, one I couldn’t put down.

MYRA’S HORROR BLOG REVIEWS : I wanted to write reviews as if I were sharing the love of a book with a friend. What I liked about it, from storyline to characters; to include any parts that had a negative impact on me as a reader. Join me on the couch as we explore today’s exciting read.





J.L. Bourne’s apocalyptic novel Day by Day Armageddon was praised by #1 bestseller Brad Thor as “so real, so terrifying…that I slept with two loaded Glocks under my pillow.” In this ultrarealistic military thriller, the collapse of America’s power grid threatens the world’s fate—and only those prepared for the ultimate catastrophe will survive.

On an unacknowledged mission inside the Syrian border, a government operative unwittingly triggers an incredible event that unleashes a weapon with the power to destroy the moral fabric of humanity. As the crisis unfolds, hyperinflation cripples the US economy. Families struggle to find food, water, and electricity. Post-war armored military vehicles patrol the streets as martial law is imposed.

The US government appears to offer salvation, but there is a sinister catch…

One man stands up to push back against a high tech, tyrannical enemy hell-bent on ripping liberty from the pages of future history. But as vital supplies and makeshift weaponry are running out, so is time…and he will have to use every resource and survival tactic to fight for survival: for himself and his home.


Max is a government agent, sent with a female agent to insert a virus into Syria’s network. As they part, Maggie suggests he take a 2 week vacation and get ready for things to go bad. He is not sure what all he did taken part in and wishes he’d asked more questions.

Following Maggie’s advice, he takes vacation time and removes all his funds from the bank. First, he notices a ripple in the stock market and then the banks start closing. Max realizes that whatever they started or participated in, is finding its way into the American economy. Losing no time, Max starts prepping; buying a container his cousins bury underground per his instructions, food, gas and an endless list of supplies.

Wanting Intel, Max makes a trip into town via a bike and realizes things are worse than he guessed. FEMA has been confiscating guns in exchange for lining up for food handouts. He meets Richard, a Santa Clause look-alike, who is a survivalist, clearly with military expertise. Richard has set up home in a cargo container on an abandoned train. Unbeknownst to the locals and authorities, there are lots of supplies in the containers and Max is impressed.

A man, Peterson, has taken overseeing operations in the area, but with his methods, it is clear he is not government sanctioned. Peterson rounds up dissenters by the thousands and imprisons them. Others are shot, and he utilizes motorcycle gangs that could rival MS13 in brutality, to put down those who oppose him.

Max and Richard decide to become the Resistance. Using his Ultralight, Max runs missions, including blowing up one of Peterson’s radio towers, and later freeing the prisoners. Richard’s extensive knowledge of radios and ham radios, help them plan strikes, and they listen in on the enemy, plus speak in code in case they are overheard.

Near the end, the Government removes people like Peterson, but considers the friends terrorists. With those who joined their cause to win back a free America, the Resistance moves the train to the mountains to continue the fight.

Filled with heroics and ingenious techniques a few warriors used against bigger forces, rogue thugs, and the government taking away freedom to maintain order. I’ve read and reviewed many apocalyptic zombie novels. While there are no undead in this story, it’s one of the scariest books I’ve read. Why? Because the terrifying events unfolding could really happen. I can’t wait to read the 2nd book now. A must read for those who love a great apocalypse tale.





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