Book Chat: THEM Incursion: Vampire Apocalypse

THEM Paranormal Zombie Apocalypse Series Book 2

An exciting ride with a kick-ass hero, Scratch, as he takes on zombies, werewolves & vampires!






Scratch Sullivan just wanted to survive the apocalypse in peace. But when the vamps bring their war right to his doorstep, it’s time for him to cowboy up and rain hell down on his enemies…


This is the 2nd book in the THEM series. I couldn’t put the first down and I found the same situation with the second. A page turner for sure! I really liked Scratch in the 1st book and I loved him as the hero by the 2nd.

Our hero has turned his skills of effectively killing zombies and other paranormal creatures such as vampires, into a living. He trades his abilities to survivors for goods he needs. In exchange they get an environment free of the deadly beasts stalking their communities, until more show up, as they always do.

Scratch gets wind that Werewolf packs may be moving into the Corridor (places where brave survivors scavenge for supplies). He sets out to seek out the truth and runs into Gabby, a preteen girl and Bobby a young werewolf. It doesn’t take long for them to bond. I loved the humor between Scratch and Bobby. The werewolf seems to be looking for a mentor and Scratch reluctantly takes on the job.

Gabby is a mystery. How did she survive on her own for weeks? Scratch soon discovers the answer in a scientist, Perez, who has enhanced the girl’s abilities. Gabby has her own book (4 in the series) and I can’t wait to read her story. But first I need to read the 3rd.

Action packed series, with very well developed characters you actually care about. I love military apocalyptic stories, but Massey doesn’t hit you over the head with it so that as a civilian you get bored. I highly recommend this series to those who love zombie and apocalyptic tales with a military trained hero.


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