Book Chat: THEM

Counteraction Werewolf Apocalypse

The 3rd installment in the exciting THEM series.





                                       The stunning third installment in M.D. Massey’s Paranormal Zombie Apocalypse series!

Scratch has been through hell surviving the apocalypse—attacked by a werewolf, brutally beaten and left for dead, and finally, infected with deader venom. But nothing prepared him for this…

The vamps just can’t leave well enough alone. First they brought a zombie apocalypse down on our heads. We survived that. Damned few of us made it, but somehow we pulled through.

Now they’ve pulled the werewolves into it, by getting the Pack to do their dirty work. Worst part is, they took my Kara, along with the rest of the townsfolk.

At least, those who survived the attack.




We pick up with Scratch heading out to rescue his girlfriend Kara from the Corridor werewolves. Gabby and Bobby are on mission with him, and saving the kidnapped townspeople is one their goals as well.

The friends encounter an interesting group of young men dressed in Medieval fashion. The teens also walk-the-walk; speaking in Renaissance style language and using weapons appropriate to the period. It reminded me of Ezekiel in The Walking Dead, though there wasn’t pure imitation.

Scratch devises a plan to take out a good chunk of the werewolves with explosives. The rest were hand-to-hand, teeth/claws fighting. Scratch is aided by an old friend, Colin, and new compadres, a Jewish rabbi plus the Golem he created. Joseph, the giant Golem, was a fascinating character.

As the story progresses we discover more about the paranormal creatures and where they came from – hell.  For millennia, beasts such as werewolves and vampires have slipped through the partially opened portal. Zombies, featured more in the first book, also made it into our world.

The small team of friends are literally in a race against time when they discover the portal is about to be busted wide-open. It was sad that Kara had been coerced into the ranks of the paranormal creatures, but it was great that she took down the powerful vampire in charge. Though he and Kara’s relationship seems doomed, Scratch carries hope that one day the vampire infection can be purged from his lady love. If you are a THEM fan, don’t miss this 3rd installment in the series. Recommended for readers who enjoy kick-ass characters who are   well-developed; fighting through a world infested with zombies, werewolves, vampires and other creatures.






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