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Zombie Exterminators Vol.2

The racy humor continues in the 2nd book of The Zee Brothers.

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Who would you call during a zombie outbreak?
The Zee Brothers return for their second adventure!
This time answering the call from a local charter school that fears they may have an outbreak amongst their students.
The brothers find themselves trapped inside the school, with no weapons, scared children and a host of hungry and toxic undead.
They improvise with the help of the school lunch lady and a rather intelligent young student to try and stop the toxic infection from getting out of hand.
The aftermath leads Jonah, Judas and JJ to a small farm on the outside of town, where they find the cause of the outbreak with mysterious links to the brother’s past.



The racy humor continues in the 2nd book of The Zee Brothers.

Tommy, a young boy at an elementary school becomes ill and the nurse/lunch lady calls the brothers in a panic. The boy is green and she thinks he is turning into a zombie, something she’d seen the past working in the medical field.

There’s an ironic scene where Jonah and Judas argue whether they should take weapons inside the school, since the rules are – none are allowed. Of course one should never enter into a fray with the undead unarmed. The brothers discover things have already gotten out of control once they enter, when they are attacked by kid zombies and turned staff members.

Funny scenes include the sound of the principal being attacked by the receptionist after they engage in sex in his office, and the brothers trying to secure weapons, ending up using giant pencils.

Nat, a young girl, was an interesting character. She’s a nerd and the one who concocts a bomb in the science lab to take down the zombies. JJ has joined the fray, along with Xanadu. The dog helps by using his stop time trick against the undead.

After securing the school, the brothers search for the source of the infection; Tommy’s home. They find a bunch of rednecks who do not believe their story, and unfortunately one of the men was bitten earlier by the little boy.

Needless to say, the Zee brothers have to clear the house of zombies when things escalate fast.

Another short book filled with action and humor. Much of the humor is spicy and geared more toward a male audience.





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