Book Chat: The Vision

The 2nd book Dean Koontz wrote,  just as scary and exciting as recent reads!


2012 (1977)



Mary Bergen aids the police in solving crimes, those that have happened and those that are about to. Now this gifted clairvoyant is using her psychic gift to help track a serial killer. But something terrible from Mary’s past has been invading her dreams and she is haunted by the sound of leathery wings. The killer knows secrets even she has locked away. Knows about the torture she was administered at the hands of a psycho when she was a little girl. And he is coming for her next.



An early horror thriller from master story teller Dean Koontz. Latest reprint 2012; original print 1977. My copy is from 1978- yep, my keepers are really old!

Mary is a clairvoyant. She not only helps people find lost items, but assists police with murder cases…that is, when they believe in her abilities.

After helping find a serial killer, Mary and her husband Max (who helps guide her through her visions) get involved in another hunt for a rapist/serial killer. For some reason this one haunts Mary more than any other case. Meanwhile, nightmares continue to plague Mary; images from her childhood too terrifying to grasp. At 6 years old she was brutally attacked and Max suspects this is where her psychic powers were born. It is thought by authorities that these abilities are often triggered by head trauma or some horrific event.

Unknown to Mary, buried in her subconscious is the identity of the killer, the same twisted, evil person who attacked her as a child. A fascinating tale that takes you inside a sick mind, which Koontz is stellar at, slowly revealing a story that is chilling and appalling.  Recommended for horror and Koontz fans.




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