Book Chat: The Sleeping

A creepy tale that may have you sleeping with one eye open!





THE SLEEPING have always come for The Unwanted… James would fight for his life many times – always winning and yet always fearing that anytime soon, it might be his last.


Lance and Katherine are a happily married couple, but things change after their baby girl is lost during a miscarriage. Both seem to be drifting through life and their marriage. I got irritated at Lance, who played out this sexual yearning for his gorgeous secretary without consummation, even though his wife knew about it. He did end up having sex with her as James, his other half of his multiple personality.

Lance suffers from really bad nightmares. The neighbor, Mr. Green is a strange old man who we discover is The Messenger for The Sleeping, who are demonic creatures. Mr. Green’s job is to deliver Lance to the demons, because Lance is an Unwanted; ie an unwanted child born out of wedlock.

Miriam, a nun, is introduced. She is Mr. Green’s great-granddaughter and sets out to help him end his curse and get his soul back, as well as help Lance. The way she does this was weird to say the least. Miriam conducts a Black Mass in order for Mr. Green to find final peace and Lance to shake off The Sleeping.  Throughout the story I wasn’t sure if Miriam worshipped The Devil or God, but seems as though she did follow the light by the end of that part of the tale. I found it hard to believe a nun would get involved in Satanic rites, even if it were to help out the two characters in need.

This is the strangest story I’ve read to date. Not saying it’s bad, but very different. The cover has a bizarro feel to it and so does the story. Note: There are quite a few sexual encounters, though not explicit

I was a bit confused by the end. I didn’t understand the significance of the “Pink Marshmallow house”. I didn’t know if Lance really got away from The Sleeping. It seemed that he did not, and that Katherine was going to stay as his Guardian, but I’m not sure about that conclusion.

You can tell without reading the author’s bio first, that he knows something about Sleep paralysis, it is described so well and terrifyingly. I’m sure many readers have experienced the inability to awaken and how scary it is, especially if you are having a nightmare as well. I know I have. I have never head of The Sleeping, so that was a new myth to explore.  Creepy story.

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