Book Chat:  The Remaining Aftermath

by D.J. Molles

The 2nd book in the series. Another adrenaline-filled journey for Captain Harden, full of danger from humans and zombies alike.

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To Captain Lee Harden, the mission to rescue his countrymen and rebuild the nation seems like a distant memory.

Wounded and weaponless, he has stumbled upon a group of survivors who may be his last hope. But a tragedy in the group causes a deep rift and forces him into action.

And in the chaos of a world overrun by infected, Lee is pursued by a new threat: someone who will stop at nothing to keep him from his sworn duty.


Captain Harden wakes up in Camp Ryder, and though he is injured, he immediately jumps into action when they are attacked by the infected. Soon after, he leaves to gather supplies from his bunker. Lee is surprised when Doc volunteers to go with them, since he is clearly afraid. Later, with the truck loaded to the brim, Lee decides to check out the nearby town of Smithfield. Perhaps it can be used as base in the future for more survivors. They run across a lone man, LaRouche, who says he is with a group of people in the hospital. Of course the captain wants to extend his offer of help to the new group.

After the Captain speaks with the people in the hospital, they take him, Miller and Harper prisoners. The three did not know the survivors were under Milo’s thumb (the thug who had burned his home bunker in Book 1). Milo wanted Harden and his GPS device. Lee convinces the people to release Harper and Miller; after all, Milo only wants him. LaRouche escorts the two men outside town.

Soon after, Doc is thrown into the room with him. Lee questions Doc, discovering he betrayed them to Milo in exchange for the release of his girlfriend. But then Milo admits that Nicole had died previously due to the rough treatment from his raiders. Doc’s treachery was for nothing. I found the young doctor’s cowardly behavior as disgusting as Lee did.

In the meantime, Harper and Miller decided to go back and help the Captain. LaRouche, ashamed of selling out a fellow vet, joins them.  Concurrently, Lee gets Doc to chew through the duct tape binding his wrists. When his friends explode vehicles outside the hospital, he fights Milo’s men and then gathers the survivor’s for an escape.

The hospital is a war zone, with Milo’s men and the invasion of zombies who were drawn in by the noise. By the time Lee fights his way outside, he suffered multiple injuries, such as broken ribs, a sprained ankle and more. But he would not stop. Captain Harden is more frustrated and discouraged in this book. It seems for every step forward, he gets shoved back two steps. Between the human scum who prey on others and doubting survivors, his job is much tougher than he anticipated. The Captain is an honorable man and I hope he continues his mission to rebuild society.

At the end, the readers are introduced to a Captain Mitchell, who is dying. He is trying to convince the young man with him, Jacob, to look for Lee; with very important information about Virginia. It seems Mitchell was another operative like Captain Harden. I can see that things are about to get worse for Lee and his fellow survivors. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. Highly recommended for those following The Remaining series and zombie fans.




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