Book Chat: The Mummy

Or Ramses the Damned

 A seductive tale rich with descriptive language as only the talented Anne Rice can deliver.






Ramses the Great has awakened in Edwardian London. Having drunk the elixir of life, he is now Ramses the Damned, doomed forever to wander the earth, desperate to quell hungers that can never be satisfied. Although he pursues voluptuous aristocrat Julie Stratford, the woman for whom he desperately longs is Cleopatra. And his intense longing for her, undiminished over the centuries, will force him to commit an act that will place everyone around him in the gravest danger….


The mummy Ramses observes a murder while in a dream-state inside his open coffin. Archeologist Lawrence discovered Ramses’ tomb and was making notes when his nephew Henry poisons his coffee. When the mummy’s body is brought to England and ensconced in Lawrence’s home, Julie, his daughter goes through her father’s writings. When the mummy sees Henry attempting to poison Julie too, he awakens in order to save her

Ramses is too weak to kill Henry, who escapes, but Julie is in shock. Nonetheless, she follows the crawling mummy as it reaches for sunlight and then begins to change.  She is both frightened and intrigued by the handsome man who emerges when the sun brings him to full life. Ramses was captivated by Julie as he observed her and is attracted to the beautiful, gentle young woman.

Their relationship is developing and Julie is thrilled to show Ramses the modern world. But while visiting the Cairo museum, Ramses finds the remains of Cleopatra, his ancient beloved. She was the reason he requested the priests put him into a dark sleep so not to be in torment daily after Cleopatra committed suicide. Alas, the creature Ramses awakened is not fully his love. She is quite insane and weaves through the story murdering innocent people without thought or remorse. By the end of the story, Cleopatra had recovered most of her mind, but is it too late; for Ramses has decided she must be put in eternal  sleep?

A lush tale taking place in the early 20th century, with vivid descriptions of the era, the customs, period clothes, and especially of the British pursuit of discovering Egyptian antiquities. Highly recommended for those who love the mix of horror and romance, definitely Anne Rice fans.




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