Book Chat: The End of Everything, Book 2

by Christopher Artinian

 The sisters are not only surviving but expanding their skill from javelins to bows and arrows. It’s none stop action against the undead as the story continues.

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For sisters Robyn and Wren, nothing will ever be the same.The cities are burning, the world is in chaos. The dead are rising…and they’re hungry. Safety? Security? These words are meaningless now. They fight, they hide, they run. No rest. No respite.All they can cling to is hope. Hope they can find others. Hope they can learn the skills needed to survive. Hope they can stay together.Their situation seems desperate, and the only thing they can depend on is each other.But is that enough?


In the opening scene, we learn more about the men who live at Loch Uig; several had visited the farm in Book one. Sadly, they do whatever they wish, including murder, stealing, and keeping women captive as sex slaves.

In the meantime, the girls decide to check out a nearby archery club; after all, it would be handy to take out the undead from a safe distance. They both try regular bow and arrows on the target range, and discover Robyn is a natural, becoming more proficient with each shot. Wren not so much. Upon finding a cross bow and testing it, Wren is happy she is good with this archery weapon.

The sisters, who were happy to be taken in by the kind Jack family, go with them to search for supplies at the nearest town. Only Mrs. Jack stayed home. The trip was a disaster; the whole family is killed by the undead. Reason? They were not ready for this horrid new world, unwilling to fight to live. Of course the girls are devastated, but are in for another shock; Mrs. Jack has disappeared when they get back, and there’s a blood trail near the front. Another zombie casualty.

Robyn wants to pack and run, but Wren convinces her to stay. Can they find a better place? The setup is good, they just need to secure the main house with a strong gate and put up fencing where needed. Wren, the book worm, starts studying; from how to put up a gate to putting up barbed wire. There are lots of other helpful books on hand, with useful tips on subjects like canning food. Their luck changes when an elderly farmer, a friend of the family, drops by. Jeb has never seen, much less fought one of the undead, but has a multitude of knowledge to run a farm.

Earlier, the sisters had set fire to the surgery center in the nearby town to escape a horde.  Now they discover poor Jeb is about to run out of his heart medicine and had planned on refilling at the Center. Wren and Robyn feel responsible and make plans to enter the building and look for meds. Jeb wants none of it, but being strong young women, they convince him to go along with the plan. The execution is beyond dangerous and both girls are almost killed. But after they succeed, as a “thank you”, Jeb drives them to the archery club so they can restock.

Jeb is shocked by the girl’s abilities and feels shame he couldn’t help.  Still, they make a pact to help each other; the sisters will kill zombies and Jeb will teach them how to run a farm. At the end, Jeb has some senior moments and the sisters wonder if he has Alzheimer’s. Though it seems not to be a good choice, they are going to stand by their new friend.

An enjoyable follow up to Book One. Recommended for zombie fans and those following Christopher Artinian.




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