Book Chat: Slow Burn Zero Day

Once a week I’ll be discussing a Book or Movie/TV Series I love. Or posting a submission from a reader/author about a movie or book in the horror or zombie genre. Sharing the love of a book or movie as if you were talking with a friend.

We continue with Book Chat and a review of a zombie novel.



The offering this week is an interesting zombie apocalypse story by Bobby Adair.


Slow Burn Zero Day

slow burn

A new flu strain has been spreading across Africa, Europe, and Asia. Disturbing news footage is flooding the cable news channels. People are worried. People are frightened. But Zed Zane is oblivious. Zed needs to borrow rent money from his parents. He gets up Sunday morning, drinks enough tequila to stifle his pride and heads to his mom’s house for a lunch of begging, again. But something is wrong. There’s blood in the foyer. His mother’s corpse is on the living room floor. Zed’s stepdad, Dan is wild with crazy-eyed violence and attacks Zed when he comes into the house. They struggle into the kitchen. Dan’s yellow teeth tear at Zed’s arm but Zed grabs a knife and stabs Dan, thirty-seven times, or so the police later say. With infection burning in his blood, Zed is arrested for murder but the world is falling apart and he soon finds himself back on the street, fighting for his life among the infected who would kill him and the normal people, who fear him.

My Review:

Very interesting zombie novel. I prefer 3rd person in reading a story but the author did a good job in 1st person. Zed is some what of a loser, so that is what set this as different from the beginning. Most zombie stories have a central character which we readers can recognize as a hero right away. And nothing wrong with that. I love these heroic types in a zombie world.

But Zed grows in the story and becomes heroic, even if not in his own eyes. He has confidence issues due to his horrible parents. Poor Zed’s day goes from bad to worse as he is attacked, bitten by his step-dad, arrested and put in jail. He and Murphy, who become friends, escape, as did all the other prisoners. A riot filled with zombies & those turning.

Luckless Zed gets taken prisoner again when he goes to the military to try and get help for his friend, who was bitten. Zed needs help too, but he seems to be recovering and is more concerned about Murphy. They are put into a gym filled with people who have been bitten and those who have already turned in the first stages of zombism. People are being attacked and eaten. Zed learns he is a “slow  burner”, someone infected who may slowly turn completely, or may hang on in some in between state.

He escapes and makes it to a dorm at the nearby Austin college he had attended. Zed meets others who have holed up in the college. His slow burn state comes in very handy. Zed can go out and gather guns and bring back to the group.

At the end, in spite of Zed and his friend helping the others, they are invited to live in another building. Truthfully, no one wants to be around them; who knows if they will turn zombie and when? But it hurts Zed plenty when he rescued several of the group in very heroic ways.

The friends decide to strike out on their own, heading to a large bunker Murphy knows about. I am very interested to see if they make it to the bunker and what happens. I have ordered book 2 and 3 so I can start learning more about Zed’s adventures in a zombie apocalypse. I recommend this book as a great addition to those who love zombie stories.

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