Book Chat: Slow Burn: Torrent, Book 5

Zed and his friends encounter new threats as the zombies evolve.

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Survive the Infection! Survive the Infected! Following his none-too-soon reunion with his friends at the safe house, Zed is hoping things can finally fall into a stable routine, but in post-virus Austin, things are far from stable. On a mission to raid the ammunition bunkers at Camp Mabry, Zed and Murphy spot a group of the newer, naked infected, who are exhibiting some sophisticated and disturbing new behaviors, such as scouting and hunting – for them.

After a narrow escape, the two pass the home of Mr. Mays on the return trip, stirring Zed’s predictable rescuer impulse. Finding Mr. Mays dead, Zed brings fellow chain gang escapee Nico along to join the group, whose numbers have grown again, thanks to their merger with the girls on the riverboat, where the group has moved, as seems to be the safest hiding place… Or is it?



Zed and Murphy head to check out the ammunition supplies at Camp Mabry. They notice that some Whites appear to be evolving, exhibiting scouting and hunting techniques. Until he can figure out a way around these new zombie dangers, Zed changes his mission.  He and Murphy decide to check on Nico and Mr. Mays. The old man is dead in the living room, attacked by zombies, or so Nico reports. Zed takes Nico to the safety of the group aboard the riverboat.

Zed decides to test Nico’s ability to be helpful on scavenging runs. He is a dismal failure, but they still manage to find a truck loaded with supplies. Murphy and Zed restart their mission to Camp Mabry, an arduous task since many streets and the river are flooded.  Once they do find the camp, they discover loads of ammunition and many soldiers who had died defending it. They encounter Whites during several successful supply runs, and while on their journey, they see the riverboat in trouble when looking at the river. Whites manage to get onboard, fighting ensues and the boat is ripped from its mooring.

At the end, the friends search for the riverboat. We’ll have to wait to book 6 to find out what happened to their group and how many of their friends made it out alive. While this rates a 5 star as each book in the series, the scenes with Zed and Murphy overcoming flood obstacles became redundant.

As always, I recommend this series to zombie and Bobby Adair fans.


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