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Dead Fire

This the 4th book in the series and each one keeps puling me in as a reader.

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Dead Fire picks up following an infected attack on Sarah Mansfield’s fortified house, during which 3 people seek shelter with Zed Zane and his fellow survivors. In the confusion, however, Murphy is gunned down, and an unthinking, emotional Zed strikes out to enact revenge. Unfortunately, the shooting and commotion have only attracted more Whites. A diversion plan emerges to rid the horde of the Smart One trying to figure a way through the gates, and lead the other infected away from the compound. Momentarily safe, the survivors turn to the matter of where to bury the dead. Zed, being now the only one available who would not attract the attentions of the infected, accompanies Freitag on this morbid mission. In short order, Zed is once more embittered and hardened against trust, when he finds himself stranded. After a series of developments that prove the Whites to be more formidable foes than he ever dreamed, he finds his way back to Sarah’s house to find the compound overrun with infected and his friends mysteriously vanished without a trace, leaving Zed to rely once more solely on his wits to survive…


This the 4th book in the series and I keep wanting to quickly get my hands on the next book. Why? The storylines are interesting and characters well-developed, but it is Zed who keeps drawing me in. He is a multifaceted person; flawed, damaged from childhood trauma, self-depreciating, and yet very heroic…in spite of himself. Zed is the kind of friend I’d want on my side in an apocalypse.

We pick up with Murphy, who is on the mend in spite of a head wound. Zed wants to lead away the many zombies surrounding the walls. But how? He gets the idea to set off a car alarm and it works like a charm. Continuing down the road, he repeats the process many times; like a pied-piper leading the undead away.

Zed decides to take Frietag on a supply run. No one in the group really knows her and he figures this is a good way to test her loyalty to the group. She not only leaves him stranded on shore, but guns the boat they took for the expedition, to attract Whites to Zed’s location.  He is furious of course and heads back; he’ll deal with Frietage when he returns. She is unaware of his ability to survive among the undead, and he has found out she hates Whites to the exclusion of all else, even Slow Burns like him are included.

Zed runs into several Smart Whites involved in some strange behavior, along with servile, dumb zombies they use like beasts of burden to haul their treasure. Zed’s luck gets worse as he is struck unconscious and awakens to find himself chained to the enslaved Whites.  Zed can’t believe he was so stupid as to be captured by Smart Whites. He decides to observe their behavior, while watching for an opportunity to escape. Perhaps it can help the groups’ survivability. As the days pass and he becomes weak with hunger, Zed wonders if he will ever escape. Finally, he manages to, along with another slow burner, Nico.

Leaving cowardly Nico with a friendly old man, Zed heads back to Sarah Mansfield’s mansion. Going through tapes on the security system, Zed discovers what happened to his friends and what Frietag appeared to share with them. Tracking down Frietag, he finds her alone inside a house, and he gets her to tell him the truth. She knew his friends did not believe her story of Zed attacking her and ran away from the group. He does not kill Frietag, but leaves her without the supplies and boat that she stole from him. Zed is overjoyed to be reunited with his friends and they share they definitely did not believe the traitorous Frietgag.

Another fun read for zombie and Slow Burn fans alike.


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