Book Chat: Slow Burn

City of Stin, Book 7

by Bobby Adair

The exciting adventures continue with Zed in Book 7, when he and Murphy fight a new kind of infected.

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In the aftermath of the battle for Monk’s Island, Murphy has been nursing Zed back to health in a remote house at the west end of the lake. But every day they see helicopters cross the sky, heading south and then back north again.

Zed wonders if the helicopters are proof that not all civilization has collapsed. He convinces Murphy to seek out the place where the helicopters are landing so they can find the answer to that question. What they find at the end of their journey is both more dangerous and hopeful than either would ever have guessed.


Zed and Murphy are on their own. Their friends have traveled on to a secure new location, Balmorhea, and the two decide not to join them. There are a few among the group, including Murphy’s sister, who will accept them, but others hate or are terrified of Slow Burn Whites like them.

Zed is still grieving over losing Stephanie and recovering from his wounds. Murphy is a kind but firm nursemaid. While they stay in one house so Zed can heal, they keep seeing helicopters flying back and forth. Hoping the government is trying to reestablish order, Zed convinces Murphy to go along with him and investigate. Sneaking into the compound where the helicopters land, they discover a new kind of infected; not very smart, normal looking with no pale, white skin. The only clue they were Slow Burns were their pupils would not dilate and they felt no pain.

A few men who look like military have been captured by the new type of Slow Burns, who call themselves Survivors. Zed decides the soldiers must be rescued. After fierce fighting with the Survivors and Whites outside the compound, the friends run into more Slow Burns like themselves.

Swapping stories with those they rescued, Zed learns the soldiers are on a mission to try and save humanity. They are gathering blood samples for scientists they are protecting at a Texas University, with hopes of making a vaccine.

As always the friendship between Murphy and Zed adds lots of humor and warmth into a harrowing tale of survival. This series is highly recommended for zombie fans.



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