Book Chat: Slow Burn, Bleed

Book 6

by Bobby Adair

The fighting and zombie encounters continue with Zed & Murphy as they try to find their friends.

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Zed and Murphy are trying to find their surviving friends to finally get out of Austin and head west to safety, away from the zombie hordes. But trouble, their perpetual companion, dogs them at every turn as they discover that infected humans aren’t the only source of mortal danger.


Zed & Murphy are trying to find a jet ski so the search for their friends will be easier. They spot a girl in the water; probably another scavenger. In an unbelievable stroke of luck, the girl is Rachel, Murphy’s sister.

Spotting several normal people stuck on a boat surrounded by Whites, they rescue the group. It turns out they are the people Rachel was scavenging with. But the “normal” appear ungrateful and fearful of Murphy & Zed. An island in the river is their sanctuary, but being welcomed seems iffy.

Once landing on the island, Zed is thrilled to discover his friends there. The Slow Burn haters, led by Gerald and Jerry, plan to eject the group, except to keep Steph due to her medical expertise. Forcing them aboard a boat by gun point, the real plan unfolds. The haters plan to kill Zed and the others, only the well-trained friends get the jump on the jerks. Ironically, the haters are put off the boat.

Many encounters with the undead ensue as the heroic friends seek a new boat, one that will hold everyone. They run across normal human males who are worse than the zombies, keeping women in kennels to use for sex slaves. Zed & Murphy rescue 4 girls, who want to be included in the rescue mission of Steph.

As with each of the Slow Burn books, it is filled with action, encounters with new threats and Zed’s angst. A must read for zombie fans!



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