Book Chat: Ship of the Dead

An Omega Days Novel

Once a week I’ll be discussing a Book or Movie/TV Series I love. Or posting a submission from a reader/author about a movie or book in the horror or zombie genre. Sharing the love of a book or movie as if you were talking with a friend.


The offering this week is a zombie novel that obviously takes place on a ship.




Father Xavier Church never wanted to be a leader. Nonetheless, he’s grown attached to his fellow survivors, and he won’t let anyone cause them harm—though he may be the one who inadvertently leads them to destruction…
Ex-con Bill Carnes may crave freedom, but he still prefers sticking with the group rather than fleeing to Mexico with his former cellmate TC. Maybe he’s changing. Or maybe the look in TC’s eyes is more dangerous than the undead…
EMT Rosa Escobedo gave up on hope after she watched the man she loved rise from the dead. But when a patient seems to start getting better, she can’t help but hope for a cure, even if it means risking her life…
As the numbers of the dead swell, the living are running out of safe havens—especially when the biggest threats lie within their own ranks.

My Review:

I was interested in zombie action that happens on a ship. This story did deliver, with tons of action and characters trying to survive the Apocalypse.

Rosa is a strong female lead, who does not back down when it comes to helping others. She is an EMT when the story opens, and working on a doctor degree, so her skills, no matter if not a full-fledged doc, are valuable.  Xavier is a priest who questions his faith and what he is doing. When they meet, he and Rosa make a good team.

Then there are x-cons Bill & T.C. You can see right away that Bill wants to do right, while TC seems sneaky. Soon TC proves he is a bad egg, killing a nice man who didn’t want to have sex with him. But, there are more evil creatures afoot, and I’m not talking zombies. Peter seemed nerdy and harmless.  But he is bat-ass crazy and evil too, always dreaming of raping and killing women.

The survivors are determined to take a huge Navy ship, room-by-room, floor-by-floor. Many people die but a lot of zombies are wiped out. The scenes were intense and scary, just what I was looking for in this scenario. It seems this would enough trauma for any survivors, but TC and Peter on set on their own individual paths to more destruction. They are both finally taken out, but not without big scenes of struggle and sacrifice. At the end, the ship belongs to the survivors, but it will take them a long time to go through every section of the ship to make sure no zombies have slipped their notice.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good zombie story and especially one involving a ship to survive the Apocalypse. The reason I didn’t give this 5 stars was the author had a large group of survivors come together in the beginning. There were so many different ones he highlighted, it became confusing trying to keep up with them.

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