Book Chat: Shadows and Teeth

Shadows and Teeth delivers a variety of ghastly tales of terror. Step into the dark with me as we explore these offerings of horror.






In The House Wants What the House Wants, four college friends are excited at their luck in finding a gorgeous house to rent at a very cheap price. You might say it was too good to be true – and it was.  Cannibal House holds a deadly secret; a ghoulish cannibalistic ghost. This one will make you think twice about buying an old house to remodel. The Tree Hugger was my favorite story. As a lover of old B monster movies I couldn’t help but be enthralled. While terrifying, the irony brought a smile to my face.

In No Thanks, the story will leave you wondering about your co-workers.  Could one of them be as insane as the main character? A Missed Call chilled me. The beastly vampires were bad enough, but the missed call spelled disaster for poor Gwen. I loved the setting of Bernadette and the validity the author brought to the language and time period. A pitifully scary tale of a man’s attempt to help his sick niece, with horrific, hellish results.

Picture Not So Perfect reminded me of Beauty & the Beast teamed with The Hunchback of Nortre-Dame – gone awry.  An abused, pitiful young man falls deeper into despair; when Lucifer offers him a deal, he grabs at the opportunity. In The Screaming, Felix inherits a large manor house in Scotland and considers keeping it. After all, it has been in the family for generations. But stories of the Bogle, who legend says has slain many of his ancestor Lairds, and a terrifying scream in the night, (he attributes to the nightmarish Bogle) make Felix think of selling the property.

In The Cruciform, Mark delves into the dark arts, conjuring up a demon from hell. He gets more than he bargained for when a Master demon rises up to rescue the demon in Mark’s power and punish him.  (Sub) Routine takes the reader into the world and mind of a man driven insane by a heinous act he committed.





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