Book Chat: Sepulchre

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James Herbert, Britain’s number 1 bestselling master of horror, brings us another dark tale, creepy and mysterious.









There is a house called Neath that holds a dark and terrible secret, and in that house there is a psychic called Kline who is part of its secret. The Keeper is guardian of the house, of the psychic, and of the secret but now an outsider must protect them from a terrible danger. Halloran will combat men who thrive on physical corruptions, he will find love of a perverse nature, he will confront his soul’s own darkness, and eventually he will discover the horrific and awesome secret of the Sepulchre.




Halloran is a man of many talents when it comes to security. He is hired to protect Kline, a mysterious man who is an employee of Magma, a corporation which brings valuable minerals such as copper to the public. Kline is their “hidden” source for uncovering the world’s resources. A “psychic” of sort who can sense where the minerals lie underground.

Halloran scoffs at this notion, but he is hired to guard the man, not accept the validity of the companies’ claims. Nonetheless, he is creeped out by his first encounter with Kline, when he seems to crawl inside his mind in order to frighten Halloran.

Kline’s wish to ensconce himself in his country estate doesn’t sit well with Halloran. It is poorly guarded and Kline’s overwhelming confidence in the Gate Keeper seems delusional. We the reader, are introduced in detail to Kline’s personal bodyguards, a sick group of individuals.

There are dogs loose on the grounds to keep guard; later we discover are vicious jackals. The lake is a sinister site, which appears to be filled with monsters and does kill several people.

In true Herbert style, we aren’t sure what is really going on, but many dark secrets are gradually revealed. Sick, twisted deeds surround Kline and his cohorts. At the end we find that Kline is tied to an ancient evil. I was glad that Halloran was able to take down the dark characters in this story and that Cora, the girl he comes to care for, did not become the new Guardian of the Gate. A horrific encounter with the Guardian and Halloran was creepy to say the least. A recommended read for fans of Herbert, or readers who wish to try one of his books.