Book Chat: Road of the Damned

Second in the series. A diverse group of ordinary people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

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In the weeks after a virus decimated humanity and left fewer than 5,000 people alive in the U.S., a diverse group of survivors struggles to stay alive. Farmer, Wim Wagner has abandoned the safety of his farm in hopes of finding Ramey, the mysterious girl who flitted in and out of life in the midst of the outbreak. But, Ramey is on the road searching for her father and trying to locate the mysterious X on a map that promises safety.Meanwhile, survivors like Jorge and Bundy find themselves lost on the road, trying to locate other human beings and fighting off hordes of zombies. Some rescue missions end in success, but others in tragedy.Teenager, Mitch is trapped in a secret, underground bunker along with his mother and thousands of the undead.Mina has escaped the hospital after killing her father when he turned into a zombie.Grady desperately attempts to protect his autistic son after the boy died and returned as one of the undead.They’re only a few of the men and women fighting survival in a world where the dead have returned to life and overtaken the country. Will they find each other on the road or are they destined to live and die alone?


Ramey is having a tough time on the road by herself and regretted leaving Wim because she was lonely. Meanwhile, Wim is determined to track Ramey down. He knows where the X on the map is (her destination), but he may not be on the same route to get there, so he might miss her.

Mead has made a deadly weapon out of a hockey stick and is enjoying killing zombies. It is clear he has personal issues and I can see other characters may be headed into trouble with him. Mitch is stuck in the underground government bunker, surrounded by the undead. Aben runs across a dog, which quickly becomes his new companion. 

One of my favorite characters is Juli, a housewife who killed her husband after witnessing him chomping on her daughter. She pushes onward, even though initially she didn’t feel like living. Seeking help in town, she comes across an elderly woman and her grandson, which rapidly turns bad when the infected child attacks his grandmother. Later, Juli is shopping for new clothes and having a good time when she hears a dog yelp. She runs to help Aben’s dog, who the dead are trying to attack. Juli clobbers a zombie with a crow bar before jumping into the vehicle with the dog.

There are more characters depicted and their individual stories. Some of them meet and survive together. Wim finally runs across Ramey and with others and they head toward the area where Ramey’s father is supposed to be. They do discover Doc, her dad, who is in charge of a compound, which has a great setup.

There were too many characters and interactions to go into detail, but they were all different. Lots of fighting zombies and human angst. Recommended for horror and zombie fans alike.





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