Book Chat: Reunion

Once a week I’ll be discussing a Book or Movie/TV Series I love. Or posting a submission from a reader/author about a movie or book in the horror or zombie genre. Sharing the love of a book or movie as if you were talking with a friend.

A monster horror tale, filled with reminiscences from two of the main characters childhood.






Something lurks beneath the surface of Cooper Lake.

Something hungry. Something intelligent.

Something that preys on those who venture too close to its domain.

The native Indians had a name for it.




The main storyline is two young boys, Ryan & Bran, taking on the lake monster.  Lots of reminiscing and well-written descriptions of the different periods. Things that have been lost, like games kids used to play outside.

There’s a large, snake-like creature in the local lake, Cooper Lake. Local talk is that it has been around for decades, and the Indians called it the Oniare. We, the reader, are taken on a journey through decades, to see the beast reappear after many years. Some of the characters seem to think it is the same Oniare, even though the one in 1939 & in 1956 was killed.

The Oniare is on a mission to reproduce, and the way it accomplishes this is nasty and a horrible death for the unlucky victims. The author also takes us into the creature’s mind, which was kinda cool. Descriptions were good of the Onaire and how it seeks to produce a young one by planting a fetus inside a human host. But, I never got the chill up my back like I enjoy when reading horror.

Spoiler: Ryan & Bran, best friends in 1956, decide to kill the beast. They do manage to accomplish this after a big fight with the Oniare. But Bran dies from a reaction to the Tetanus shot he received after being clawed. In 2014 Ryan returns to kill the creature that has reappeared, and to seek revenge for his friend. I LOVED the ending and won’t give it away here. But Ryan slays the Oniare with the aid of someone else. Couldn’t have been a cooler ending for this character.

The story was set in 1939, 1956 & 2014. Some of the main characters appeared in all these decades. Even though the author noted the time period you were reading, it was confusing to keep up with. Would have been better written in chronological order. Also, every time a new character was told about the monster, it was the same story all over again. Very repetitive. A brief description/wrap up would have been good.

Overall, a good read.